Themes for worship service

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Themes for worship service

Why in the world would he say that? And what did he mean? Have worship leaders really begun to abandon the potentially beautiful connection between the music and the message? After gathering my thoughts again and pondering the value of thematic planning for weeks afterwardI began to realize that there are still compelling reasons why I continue to plan worship thematically.

Each week, I prayerfully, assiduously and deliberately choose songs that will help reinforce the message that our church community will hear from the Word of God.

And I do it unapologetically. I still believe that thematic worship planning has remarkable benefits, and while some are the obvious ones you might expect, not all of my reasons are simply for the congregation at large.

Thematic Planning Reinforces the Message This one is most obvious. Particularly in America, where it seems biblical literacy is at an all-time low, anything I can do as a worship leader to help underscore any piece of truth from our weekend teaching is worth it to me.

Thematic Planning Helps Our Teams More than actually having Truth reinforced, many times our intentionality helps our teams understand the purposeful nature of our leadership and planning. And when we have a greater sense of purpose moving into our weekend services, we have a higher level of unity across all of our teams.

But I feel like it makes me a better leader. I feel like we honor God in the process. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Church Jobs Shop Subscribe. Get help. Why You Should Use Hymns. Latest News. Popular Articles.

themes for worship service

Can a Christian Drink Alcohol? Articles for Pastors July 26, New Podcasts. Podcast April 8, Podcast April 1, Podcast March 25, What a beautiful sentiment about what we do as church musicians. Here are the links, in case you missed them:.

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Water The Good Shepherd. Looking to do something similar at your church? Here are a few resources and music suggestions to help get you started. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue creating free content.

Thank you for your support! Courtney The Mighty Power of God arr. Hagenberg Sing a New Song! Plan a brass fanfare or handbell processional at the beginning of the service. Incorporate musical underscoring - during the Call to Worship, litanies, or underneath prayers or readings. Plan a combined anthem for all your choirs to sing together. Include a Psalter reading : Psalm or Psalm with sung response. Use hymn descants, by sopranos or tenors!

Put together a small instrumental ensemble.

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Here are a few music resources for flexible instrumentation. Have you ever done a Music Sunday at your church?

Follow along with my creative work and daily adventures: ashleydanyew. March 20, WorshipChurch Music.Our God is risen! So, how are you going to welcome the large crowd on this big day? What memorable moments are you going to send them away talking about?

This is one of my favorite things to do at big events at our church. We post all of these photos in an album on our Facebook page after the service.

Photo From Central Church. This could work for many different sermons. On big days at our church, we always like to do something special with our music.

Anything that you can do to add an element of surprise works great to create a special moment. Photos from Central Church. Easter is the perfect time to change up the visuals on your screen! Why not try out a new font for your lyrics?

Have you checked out the new motion backgrounds from CMG? We purchased an Easter Bunny suit on Amazonrented a couple moon bounces, and even had face painting. It was a great experience that made both the kids and the parents happy. A new stage design is one of the most noticeable changes that you can make in your environment. One of our favorite things we did was a giant selfie from the stage during one of our services.

It can bring a lot of excitement to give away fun items to your church family on big days like Easter. Join Now. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this article. Really happy to see the website back up in full throttle!

Awesome ideas! We already do 7 with our annual Easter Carnival, the day before Easter. I think the group selfie, photo booth and free sunglasses might work well especially for our sunrise crowd who come to worship in the outdoor amphitheater.

These are great ideas! We have a tradition of taking an Easter Picture, much like the one you posted in your article. People look forward to it and it is fun to look back through the years. I appreciate you! That is cool! How did you incorporate this into your service without it being cheesy or awkward? Was it during the church welcome and announcements portion of the service?

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themes for worship service

Worship Ideas. God, the One and Only Depend on our solid-rock and safe-harbor. Falling in Love with God Reflecting on the beautiful attributes of God.

To Live with God A responsive prayer from Psalm A Rhythm of Prayer and Praise Set aside a meeting for focused prayer and worship. Music Appreciation Listen to a worship song together. Stones of Remembrance Thanking God for fighting for us. Fiery Forgiveness A worship activity on confession and forgiveness. Geographical Prayer Help group members pray for places they visit. Prayer Wall This is a daring way to make prayer a priority in your home.

Mosaic of Love Start the new year off by examining and displaying your group's gifts. A Sinner's Prayer A responsive reading based on Psalm Tis So Sweet Lead your group in worship through the story behind a beloved hymn.

Worship Walk Lead your group in a community prayer walk. God In A Box? Participate in an activity that reminds us that God is all powerful. Stones Of Worship An object lesson that reminds us to focus on the character of God to strengthen our faith when we have trials or temptations.

Moving Prayers Move through stations that focus on varioius aspects of prayer. Email Address. Subscribe to the selected newsletters.

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Learn more.This article describes the role of the worship planner and provides suggestions for worship planning in a wide range of churches and worshiping communities. Read this article in Korean. Read this article in Chinese. Read this article in Spanish. Perhaps your church is without a pastor, and you are the one designated to prepare for Sunday worship. Perhaps you are a pastor, and you want to improve your skills. Perhaps you are a college student planning worship for a campus ministry center.

Maybe you are getting ready to plan a service for the first time. Maybe you are a veteran worship planner. Whatever your situation, this article will help you in the important ministry of planning worship. The goal of this article is to address matters that every worship planner will face.

themes for worship service

This happens every time we choose a song or write a response. For these reasons, planning worship is an awesome responsibility. It demands our best attention and efforts. Some make the mistake of thinking that a worship service can be planned in a short phone conversation. The question to ask is not, How quickly can we put together this service?

How can we serve as the prophets and priests for our community at worship? Planning worship is more a pastoral task than a logistical task. What makes a good worship planner? Is it simply a willingness to do the job?

Is it a large library of resources?

themes for worship service

Is it a good sense of organization? Perhaps the list makes you feel inadequate. None of us is born with all these virtues, and no one can live up to all these virtues all the time.

But the good news of New Testament living is that these traits are not only ideals that we strive for—they are also gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to a community of believers for building up the church. The first step in worship planning is to pray that the Spirit will nurture these virtues in you. If you lack certain virtues, look to the people in your congregation who have those virtues.

Worship planning happens best in collaboration!

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Participating in planning is one way you can express those virtues. The most important parts of worship planning happen long before you choose songs or write a litany. The first three ingredients in the recipe for planning worship are the same ingredients needed for living a faithful Christian life: prayer, study of Scripture, and love of your neighbor. Worship planning begins with prayer.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will work through the planning process. Pray for all those who lead worship. Pray alone, but also pray with others involved in the planning process.

Worship planning continues with the study of Scripture. Begin with the Scripture text chosen by the pastor.

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Work with the pastor to probe that text. What should the congregation learn?Easter is one of the most joyous, celebratory, hope-filled Sundays of the church year. All of these things make Easter Sunday the perfect time to pull out all the stops so to speak. From handbell choirs to soprano descants, brass ensembles to fanfares, there are lots of things you can plan to match the joyful spirit of the day and speak to the hope we celebrate.

Should You "Theme" Your Worship Service?

That first Easter morning was a surprise. Yes, Jesus had been talking about his death and resurrection in metaphor leading up to that day, but no one really understood what he meant.

No one could comprehend what would happen. Especially after he was dead and buried in the tomb. After three days, the last thing Mary Magdalene, Peter, and John were expecting that morning was to find Jesus risen, standing before them, in the flesh. Can you imagine it? The shock, the fear, the disbelief, followed by uncontainable joy and relief. How can we capture this spirit, this surprise in our Easter services this year? Here are four creative, out-of-the-box ideas for your Easter Sunday worship services:.

They were still mourning, still expecting him to be lying there in that cave. Imagine their surprise and perhaps, concern when they turned the corner and saw the stone rolled away.

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Consider beginning the service with a reading of John - The Empty Tomb. At the end of the reading, go straight into an introit - either a festive bell processional or a choral call to worship. Looking for ideas? Try our Easter Fanfare and Hymn Descant. The best way to truly capture the spirit of Easter is by doing something unexpected, something surprising.

I know, I know - this is probably a little outside all our comfort zones, especially on a day like Easter Sunday. But what better way to celebrate the joy and surprise of Easter morning than with a choral flash mob?! To do this, have your choir sit out in the congregation for the first part of the service. Partway through the anthem, adult choir members stood up from their seats in the congregation and made their way to the front, singing alongside the youth.

Can you imagine their surprise? Looking for anthem ideas? See this post: 12 Anthems for Palm Sunday and Easter. What if you started your Easter service with a short skit? Use John as a basis. Invite your congregation to enter into the scene of that first Easter morning from the moment they walk into the sanctuary. Many churches buy a variety of flowers for Easter Sunday - tulips, hydrangeas, lilies, daffodils, etc.

Lay out a piece of brown butcher paper in front of the communion table as a dirt floor and make a large boulder out of a big piece of cardboard. This makes a perfect backdrop for nos. Follow along with my creative work and daily adventures: ashleydanyew.

Community of Christ

March 8, Worship. What do you have planned for Easter Sunday? How to Accompany Hymns with Piano 4-Hand.By Sermoncentral on Mar 9, Holy Week is filled with opportunities for your church to gather around God's Word in worship. Scripture: None. Holy Week, the final week before Jesus would suffer and die on the cross for our sins and rise again in victory over sin and death, is filled with opportunities for your church to gather around God's Word in worship.

The Significance Of Palm Sunday. Summary: Palm Sunday often gets overlooked under the shadow of Resurrection Sunday. But it is very significant for four important reasons. Also - how do you act when Jesus approaches your life?

When He healed he told people not to say anything, when He confronted demons who recognized Him as the Son of God He told them to shut up.

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On Palm Sunday the time had come. Revisiting Palm Sunday. How would you feel? What would you have seen or heard? What would you be thinking?

The Three Parades. Preparing for Palm Sunday.

Worship Themes

When Jesus was come into Jerusalem all the city was moved; some perhaps were moved with joy, who waited for the Consolation of Israel; others, of the Pharisees, were moved with envy. Choose Your Attitude. In a way, Palm Sunday is about a huge parade coming into town with one major float as its main attraction. The preparation, the launching, and the moving of the float will allow all kinds of attitudes to appear.

The Reality of Palm Sunday. During the week that followed this great triumphant ride into the city, Jesus spoke of the realities of who he was. The Next Time Jesus Rides. He will no longer be a reluctant King riding on a donkey.

He will come in the clouds with great glory as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords - not as 'king for the day,' but as 'King for all time and eternity. Holy Week — PowerPoint Package. A great background set to use during the Easter season to announce your events or illustrate your message.

Hosanna We Welcome You — Video. Use this mini-movie as an energetic and upbeat introduction to your time of worship on Palm Sunday. This background set is designed especially for your message on Palm Sunday or Jesus' Triumphal Entry.

Triumphant — Video. Holy week begins as Jesus arrives triumphantly in Jerusalem. Fulfilling a centuries old prophecy. In 7 days, Jesus would once again triumph…this time, over sin and death! Palm Fronds — PowerPoint Package. No Other King — Video. There is no other king like Him, there is no other king.

Perfect for Palm Sunday or Easter. Good Friday — PowerPoint Package.


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