Sccy cpx 2 red dot sight attachment

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Sccy cpx 2 red dot sight attachment

Now in color! They come with UltiClip ambidextrous clip mounting. We are proud to offer these for our customers looking for a full holster that allows for fast access and easy re-holster of the pistol and won't wear your finish like leather or absorb odors after being sweat on.

Adjusting your Galloway Precision Compact Holster with Ulticlip for right or left handed shooters and inside or outside the waist band set up. Click here to read more. Next product. Ask a question 2. Add to cart.

Description Specification Questions Reviews. Comes equipped with adjustable tension so you can dial in the holster to your liking.

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sccy cpx 2 red dot sight attachment

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sccy cpx 2 red dot sight attachment

The grip frame is made from Zytel polymer with finger grooves and an integrated recoil cushion on the backstrap.

The trigger is DAO with a full-time 9-pound pull while the pistol uses an internal hammer firing system with an inertial firing pin to prevent accidental discharge if dropped. According to ATF statistics for the most current year available, SCCY producedpistols inmaking the company one of the top six domestic makers of handguns in the country by volume— not counting firearms that were imported from overseas.

So how does the no-frills Ruger AR perform when put to the test? Read on to find out. The Sig Sauer P was the first. After more than a year's worth of use, where do I stand on the P? Let's find out. The Marlin Dark in. Flash forward the lever gun of Western lore to the s, where Marlin has taken that classic design and given it a modern upgrade. Meet the Marlin Dark. Exclusive Guns. Please enter a keyword to search.

Sign In Login to Your Account. Forgot your password? Create an account? The Guns. Latest Headlines. Import Permit. Latest Reviews. Read More.Every aspect of the firearm is made in-house to ensure it meets every specification and guarantees a superior pistol. Providing the best customer service in the industry is SCCY's top priority and passion.

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Their perpetual warranty ensures that you will always have the finest SCCY handgun, and your firearm will always be protected to guarantee that you have the highest-quality SCCY handgun. Millions of gun owners have turned to Guns. Order shipped Monday. Delivered Wednesday. And in my hands today. Whole process was ridiculously smooth - and I like the fact that their business model makes sure that local gun stores are able to make some coin.

Shorter version - aces all around. Thanks guys! Read Less Read less about review stating Cured my skepticism I'll certainly be purchasing from Guns.

sccy cpx 2 red dot sight attachment

I will be a returning customer! Read Less Read less about review stating Happy Customer. I searched for months looking for this hard to find item and there it finally was. I took the step and bought it on Thursday and it was at my FFL in 3 days.

Gun was exactly as described and boy am I ever so happy! Will be purchasing more from Guns. Awesome job Guns. Read Less Read less about review stating My 1st time.

Please enter a keyword to search. Sign In Login to Your Account. Forgot your password? Create an account? The Guns. More Details. Filter by Keyword. Price Range. Barrel Length. All Used New. Display 24 per page Display 48 per page Display 96 per page. Add to Cart.Until recently most pistols that were equipped with red dot reflex sights belonged to serious competitive shooters or big game hunters.

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That was due partly to the fact that mounting an optic on a pistol was often a chore, sometimes even requiring the slide to be specifically machined for the individual sight. However, as red dots have become more popular more and more firearm companies are adding red dot ready pistols to their catalog. There are several compelling reasons to own a red dot-equipped pistol. For starters, they allow you to acquire sight picture rapidly in any lighting conditions, and that should be appealing to anyone who owns a firearm for self-defense.

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Additionally, red dots are an easy solution for a number of shooting issues related to vision, either poor vision due to health conditions or cross-dominance problems ie, right-handed shooters who are left-eye dominant and vice versa. Reflex sights are also the easiest and fastest way for new shooters to get on target. Aligning iron sights can be a challenge for first time shooters, but the learning curve with red dots is not as pronounced.

As if you needed an excuse to buy another gun. Available in 9mm and. Competition Optics Ready pistols make mounting a reflex sight fast and easy. The machined slide comes with a cover that, when removed, offers a secure mounting platform for a variety of red dot optics and the extra tall white dot sights allow you to co-witness your red dot and iron sights—and provide a very important contingency plan should the batteries in your reflex sight ever run out of juice.

These guns feature Performance Center tuned actions, short reset triggers with adjustable trigger stops, Armornite finishes, four interchangeable backstraps small, medium, medium-large and largeand an extended stainless steel chassis system that reduces flex and torque when firing.

The 9mm version boasts an impressive capacity of up to 17 rounds. The double-action-only hammer-fired design translates to a lengthy trigger pull. This is not necessarily a bad thing on a carry gun, and the trigger is not particularly heavy. With its stainless slide and aluminum alloy receiver the SCCY weighs just under 18 ounces with the reflex sight yet it boasts an impressive magazine capacity of 10 rounds. The ergonomics leave something to be desired, but the Zytel polymer grip will accommodate even the largest hands.

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Available in 9mm Luger, 10mm Auto and. The Springfield Hellcat is a micro-compact, optics-ready 9mm centerfire carry pistol that features a three-inch barrel and weighs in at just Despite its small footprint—this gun measures just 6 inches long and 4 inches tall with a flush fit magazine—the Hellcat holds up to 13 rounds of 9mm ammunition. Build quality on these guns is top-of-the-line and the ergonomics are superb. Gone are the industrial-looking grips found on the early XD-S pistols in favor of a more modern design with micro-texturing that Springfield refers to as Adaptive Grip Texture.

Many perhaps most OSP owners will equip their pistol with a reflex sight, but the standard iron sights on these guns—a U-notch rear with flat front ledge and a tritium front dot—are as good as anything in this class. The Handguns crew installed the former on a sample Hellcat, and they made a great pair. The refined Hellcat is a good gun made better by the addition of an optics-ready model, and the OSP might just be the best micro-compact carry gun available at any price.Are you new to pistols or looking for a budget 9mm that will serve you well for concealed carry, home defense, or as an emergency back-up?

There are currently so many affordable 9mm subcompact pistols on the market to choose from, that it can be mind-boggling to compare all the features of different makes and models. We are here to enlighten you about the SCCY 9mm pistol. This is a very affordable 9mm handgun that may or may not be worth your time and consideration.

But the company has since moved and now they are made in their Daytona Beach facility, in Florida. SCCY has put emphasis on creating and selling simply to use, safe, and affordable firearms for an ever-growing conceal and carry market.

Their CPX line, in particular, has gained a reputation for being innovative in design and functionality but available at a very affordable price range.

Therefore SCCY has became known for producing high-quality, affordable American made guns for everyday carry and protection. Apart from the manual thumb safety difference between the two guns, everything else is exactly the same.

It should be noted that the SCCY 9mm trigger has a very long pull, and so this can act as a safety factor for concealed carry. Plus, the trigger weight is quite heavy at nine pounds. These numbers might be a negative for some shooters who want to let off rounds rapidly in quick succession. Also, if you have limited hand strength, it could be quite difficult to handle this trigger.

For anyone wanting to carry the SCCY 9mm for concealed carry, the trigger acts as a safety in itself. This is because it will be much harder to accidentally pull the trigger due to the weight and travel — which for an inexperienced shooter could be advantageous.

The last thing you want is a gun with a short and light trigger that has no safety, snagging in your pocket or holster, and letting off a round!

The trigger reset is very long as well, and there is no felt or heard click to inform you when it has reset properly. But overall, the trigger does have a smoothness and predictability about it that you could definitely become accustomed too after breaking-in the gun. It is, after all, a double-action trigger that was designed for accuracy and consistency. And it has to be said that the focus on accuracy in the design does translate into on-target results.This week, I got my hands on what may very well be the best deal in firearms today.

Yeah, me too. But such a thing actually does exist, thanks to our friends over at SCCY. SCCY has been around sincebut this was my first time reviewing one of their pistols.

But the point is, I had no idea what I was getting into when this pistol shipped my way. The gun is packaged in a plain cardboard box. This is a relatively new space for them, the electronic sights. But, given the magic they have done over the years with lasers, I absolutely give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. The CTS has no external buttons, it is a motion on sight only. Elevation and windage are adjusted with an included Allen wrench, which makes this a pretty simple affair.

The red dot is 3. That is small enough to make a precision shot but big enough to rapidly acquire under stress. While it has no brightness settings, I found it functional for both day and night use. It also has a rather ingenious backup. Instead of requiring extra tall irons, it has a notch cut right through the center of the optic.

sccy cpx 2 red dot sight attachment

This gives you a rear sight built into the optic, allowing for a normal height front. The pistol itself is a bit on the chunky side while being small enough for concealed carry.

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But, it does fill your hand nicely, which is a bonus in CCW class. This model has a 10 round capacity and ships with 2 magazines. The magazines are all steel, and something unique, are also actually made by SCCY. While the followers do feel a bit gritty, they load easily, and I had no problems with functionality.

Both have an extension on the bottom for your pinky and give the gun a more complete grip. The trigger in the CPX-2 is both long and heavy. This is a deliberate design and not the first time we have seen it in carry guns.

The school of thought is that in lieu of a manual safety, a long and heavy trigger will suffice. That would be the CPXAna: Democracy is ruined by those opposing free speech. Powered by Don Best Sports. Ben FawkesFacebookTwitterFacebook MessengerEmailcommentDec 5, 2017Ben FawkesESPN Staff Writer CloseRuns day-to-day editorial operations at Chalk, ESPN.

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SCCY 9mm Pistol Review: Sub $350 Red Dot Equipped

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