Creepy emergency broadcast

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Creepy emergency broadcast

Like a storm or a tornado, when issued by the National Weather Service, or a federal emergency, such as a terrorist attack, hostage situation, or a nuclear attack. But sometimes it's only a test. I was spending the night at my friend's house. It was around A. Miles is fun to be around.

We seem to be great friends despite us having a lot of differences.

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Although the two things we have in common is that we like horror films and video games. We were sitting around on the couch drinking Mt. Dew and eating what had to be our fourth bowl of popcorn. Jason was just about to make a kill in "Friday the 13th" when the EAS came to interrupt.

Other than that message, nothing showed up. No text. No details. Hell, they didn't even include the location it was directed to. We waited one awkward minute for the thing to end.

Creepy Emergency Broadcast

Now this was unusual. Miles let out his usual "Damn it, damn it, damn it! I lay awake. The events made me uncomfortable.

I don't know if this was just a sick joke or what. I don't know about the voice, though. The power was probably just a coinciden-". We got up and ran up the stairs as fast as we could from the basement. We ran up to his room upstairs. So many thoughts were rushing through my head.

Mysterious Apocalyptic Message Interrupts TV Broadcasts in California: 'Violent Times Will Come'

What was that? WHO was that? Hell, WHAT was that?! We darted up the stairs as fast as we could, up the stairs and under his bed. Hiding, but exposing our faces enough that we could see what was about to come through the door. We sat there horrified.

We didn't make a sound. We couldn't afford to have whatever that was to hear us. The last thing we remembered about that terrifying moment was white glowing eyes, the smell of blood Sign In Don't have an account?

creepy emergency broadcast

Start a Wiki.Thanks for creating an account! Your accounts lets you Digg upvote stories, save stories to revisit later, and more. You can change your subscriptions any time in your user settings. Confirm and continue. Enjoy your new account! As a reminder, you can change your profile and email settings in your profile. Return to browsing View account. According to one dude's predictions, the end of the world is set to commence tomorrowwhen a constellation will be revealed over Jerusalem that precedes the arrival of Planet X aka Nbirua previously unknown planet that will pass by Earth and bring a series of natural catastrophes with it.

It's bullshitobviously, but someone in California has taken things to the next level, taking over TV broadcasts in Orange County, California on Wednesday to broadcast some super creepy audio clips:. In onea voice identified as a clip from an old sermon by evangelical preacher Chuck Swindollwarns that "extremely violent times will come," while in anothera voice warns that "disasters…are coming" Gizmodo identified the clip as coming from an old conspiracy theory radio show :.

It's clearly a very good hoax. Or at least we hope it is. Well, we'll find out tomorrow as we look to the skies over Jerusalem. When the pandemic cleared highways, a stealthy group of car obsessives glimpsed an opportunity to take on the legendary Cannonball — and become legends themselves.

For some people, a good Halloween costume is less about the horror and more about the sexiness factor. If a sexy Halloween outfit is your thing, here's a hilarious map that shows which sexy outfit is most fitting for the people in each state. For those wondering, Sebastian Weyer and Philipp Weyer didn't start solving their respective cubes at the same second, but the timers are supposed to measure the amount of time between a player's hands being off the timer to the time they're back on it.

Trump's personal attorney has an indiscreet encounter with an actor playing Borat's daughter in a hotel room during the pandemic. While New York City is home to plenty of supertall towers, it never has built one more than meters, or 1, feet.

What is keeping it from building the tallest building in the world? TitleMax's Carly Hallman scoured through publicly accessible data and put together a infographic delineating the size of the smallest countries in the world.

Fincher brings us the story behind legendary Herman J. Mankiewicz and the controversy over the screenwriting credit "Citizen Kane. These experiments laid the groundwork for modern day torture techniques. Over the last 20 years, Google has significantly changed how it labels the ads on top of search results.

At least 2, law enforcement agencies have tools to get into encrypted smartphones, according to new research, and they are using them far more than previously known. Trump is failing to keep people from voting. But if Barrett is confirmed, he still has a shot at stealing this. Yesterday I went to an estate sale in Morristown, NJ. I have begun going to these sales on the weekends, because I am either interested in buying random ephemera or I am simply bored.

To be honest, it's hard to tell you exactly what I am hoping to find. How does the country with the most money, experts, the CDC and a literal pandemic playbook have the most deaths from coronavirus?

More thanpeople tuned in as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined a murder mystery multiplayer game. Twenty years ago, a unique new TV show premiered, which saw a group of guys performing painful or gross-out stunts.

Hannah Woodhead explores the legacy of a pop-culture sensation. Shoppers are still finding many items — heat lamps, refrigerators, laptops, and more — on back order. How a square-inch concrete triangle became the smallest piece of real estate in New York City. Pope Francis, in a new documentary, has called for the creation of civil union laws for same-sex couples, in what amounts to his clearest support to date for the issue. The process — which one expert described as "witchcraft" — could lead to thousands of legitimate ballots being thrown out.

If a headless worm can regrow a memory, then where is the memory stored?Aside from catching your attention, that nails-on-a-chalkboard screeching serves a useful purpose that calls back to the days of dial-up internet. The tense atmosphere of the Cold War left the United States scrambling to prepare itself for the not-insignificant threat of an all-out nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Among the many ways the country prepared for the possibility of getting wiped out in some radioactive hellscape involved an intricate network of warning systems that spanned from coast to coast, quickly alerting residents to seek shelter and brace for impact.

Thankfully, though we came pretty closethe development of these systems proved unnecessary for their intended use. Many of the civil defense sirens set up around the country were repurposed and extended to use as tornado sirens which are extremely unreliable, by the wayand bomb shelters are used for everything from tornado protection to swanky living quarters.

The system is pretty straightforward: in the event of a national emergency, the U. Government would order all radio and television stations to immediately stop broadcasting, and select sources would begin transmitting emergency messages over AM or AM. CONELRAD, its successor the Emergency Broadcast System, and the current Emergency Alert System are all designed as a way for the president to quickly address the public in the event of a catastrophe like a nuclear attack or imminent meteor strike.

For the most part, activation of the Emergency Alert System is automated, with alerts broadcasting from a central source like the National Weather Service and quickly filtering through different points until it reaches your ear holes as the blood-curdling, demonic scream of a far away computer program. Those awful screeches you hear at the beginning of the Emergency Alert System are digitized codes that communicate the type of threat, area counties threatened, and how long the threat is in place.

If you were cool enough to have dial-up internet back in the day, that iconic noise you heard during your suspenseful wait to connect to AOL basically did the same thing—your computer communicated with the servers through a series of chirps, beeps, and tones.

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That being said, it has been activated on the national scale a couple of times. Back inNORAD tried to test the Emergency Broadcast System but accidentally transmitted the wrong message, leading some stations to go through the motions as if there were a real national emergency. Other than that, the federal government conducted a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System in November to see whether or not an activation on the national level would actually work in an emergency.

You can follow the author on Twitter or send him an email. Related Blogs.They are not what they claim to be.

They have infiltrated a lot of, uh, a lot of aspects of military establishment, particularly Area Gizmodo found that the audio comes from a call that Art Bell, the host of the conspiracy theory-themed radio show Coast to Coast AMreceived in from a man claiming to be a former Area 51 employee.

Cox spokesperson Todd Smith told Gizmodo that the company does not know how many customers were affected and is still trying to determine where the originating signal came from.

Cox believes its system got the message after a radio station or multiple stations were conducting their monthly emergency test, which cable networks piggyback on. However, this time, it seems no such tone was transmitted.

Ok, I will retreat to my bunker after I party and drink my ass off tonight. See any of you survivors in 5 years. Everything you need to know about and expect during. The A. Jennings Brown. Filed to: Apocalypse. Apocalypse TV emergency broadcast. Jennings Brown Posts Twitter. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe. Star Wars ' Universal Monsters.Creepy Emergency Broadcast What is the scariest message you find yourself waking up to? Here are the sounds that have been tagged with Static free from SoundBible.

Hardware powering the US Emergency Alert System can be easily tricked into broadcasting bogus apocalyptic warnings from afar, say experts. You can easily copy the code or add it to your favorite list. Dinner came and passed, yet I could not move from my spot due to the burden that laid before me.

Just then, whatever it was that Olive was watching was interrupted by an emergency broadcast. Hong Kong Leader Invokes Emergency Law I don't think the people will be scared," one protester told an online live broadcast. Apparently the movie couldn't get the rights to the actual "Emergency Alert System" and so had to use a cheap knock off.

Worldwide, the average life expectancy at birth was 71 years 70 years for males and 72 years for females over the period — according to United Nations World Population Prospects Revision,[3] or 69 years 67 years for males and On November 13th, after 3 years of his hiatus ghost returned to the internet for an "emergency broadcast" originally uploaded on his Youtube channel After this broadcast Ghost again went dark for another 4 months until March, 20, Ghost returned again to blog talk radio with a 30 minute show.

Hey, NoSleep. Very creepy, I love it. If you want to see a third creepy EAS, let m. A viral outbreak has swept across the country. Remarkably, the plane made a safe emergency landing at an airstrip near Gimli, Man.

Unlike the dad in this new viral video, who staged an elaborate emergency alert message for his family and effectively paralyzed them with fear with an eerily plausible scenario.

You may not hear anything unless you are listening at the right time, or you may hear another language, or you may hear some other country sharing the frequency. WKCR depends on your contributions. The four-minute warning was a public alert system conceived by the British Government during the Cold War and operated between and Find the perfect Emergency Room stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images.

This includes dangers resulting from natural or technical hazards such as chemical spills, flooding, fires, storms, power outages, transportation incidents, and other public safety incidents.

creepy emergency broadcast

Posted by David Galbraith. He honed his acting skills as a member of the R.For the uninitiated, the Seneca hijacking is one of the lesser-known broadcast signal intrusions. It was big news here, but the nation news media barely touched on it. I was home on winter break when it happened, making chemistry flashcards in front of the TV.

No one else was around. After watching the umpteenth Law and Order rerun, I got bored and started channel surfing. A couple minutes later, I stumbled onto this shitty public access channel where, bizarrely enough, my old high school Latin teacher was reciting a poem while wearing this dorky three-cornered hat. The animation style was detailed, but kind of jiggly and rough—it reminded me of those old anti-drug PSAs. There was a mom with an old-fashioned hairdo, a dad, two cherub-faced kids, a boy and a girl—all very Norman Rockwell.

The family is making banal small talk: the dad complains about his day at the office, the kids prattle on about soccer practice, and so on. Gradually, though, the scene starts to get slightly sinister—a green light is seeping through the open window, and the family starts to acquire a jaundiced, unhealthy look: their skin changes color and their eyes become sunken.

Still, the family keeps eating breakfast as if nothing was happening.

creepy emergency broadcast

The family finishes eating breakfast and the mom loads the kids into a minivan. The car drives through a landscape bathed in the green glow from before. Finally, the car stops at a playground and the mom drops off the kids before driving away. There are large, odd-colored rocks all over the ground and moaning can be heard in the distance. The kids hang mirthlessly on the monkey bars for a while. They seemed to be either growing into or from the ground.

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And they are very much alive. Behind the monkey bars, a tree can be seen with a human face growing from the trunk—its features are writhing and contorted in agony.

His features are as sunken and diseased as that of the other family members, and the office is covered in a green glow. In the other cubicles, fleshless corpses sit upright at their desks, frozen in death. Finally, we see the family return home for the evening, walking through the front door together. Their skin is no longer simply jaundiced but actually melting off—dripping from their outstretched arms and running down their faces in drops.

As they are literally falling to pieces, the family sits down in the dining room and begins wordlessly to eat dinner. Their flesh becomes more and more amorphous, ribbons of skin dangling from their bodies like the tendrils of an octopus. I can barely describe it, but they somehow begin to…merge with the chairs they are seated on—or rather, their skin grows over them. By now, their skin has the consistency of melted ice cream, and they are barely recognizable as human—except for their eyes, which somehow remain intact.

The camera zooms closer and closer to the table, and finally their eyes all move directly towards the camera, conveying a feeling of unfathomable sadness.

Remaining at private residences is strictly prohibited. I stared in stunned silence for a few minutes before the banal local channel switched back on. I almost thought I was dreaming until the paper reported the story the next day.

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God knows what really happened: a ridiculously elaborate prank? An ill-advised viral marketing campaign?All Videos. Best Of. Walmart Expects Smaller Turkeys To Be In Higher Demand This Thanksgiving As with everything else this year, Walmart and Butterball is expecting the traditional Thanksgiving dinner to look different because of the ongoing pandemic and efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus.

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Irvine's Top 3 Convenience Stores Looking to explore the top convenience stores in town? Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top restaurants serving such fare around Irvine, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of the best spots to venture next time you're on the hunt.

Anaheim's Top 4 Traditional American Spots Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top spots serving such fare around Anaheim, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to venture to satisfy your appetite. September 23 — A date some are predicting a planet is supposed to collide with the earth — may have hackers using the airwaves for a doomsday alert. Kara Finnstrom reports. Katie Johnston reports. DeMarco Morgan reports. Suzanne Marques reports.

Authorities are searching for a driver who struck and killed a construction worker on the Freeway in downtown Los Angeles early Wednesday morning. Chris Holmstrom reports. Evelyn Taft's Weather Forecast Oct. Nicole Comstock reports. Anaheim Business Owners Say Continued Theme Park Closures Could Bankrupt Them While theme parks across California are coping with continued closures in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, business owners in Anaheim are saying the lack of tourism could bankrupt them.

Tom Wait reports. Rick Jacobs, Former Garcetti Advisor, Facing Sexual Harassment Allegations Rick Jacobs, Mayor Eric Garcetti's former deputy chief of staff, Tuesday said he was taking "leave" from his nonprofit work and volunteer activities with the mayor in response to allegations of sexual harassment.

Lesley Marin reports.


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